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Mosquito & Aquatic Weed Control

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Mission: To preserve the public’s health, welfare, and quality of life through effective, efficient, fiscally and environmentally responsible management of the County's mosquito populations and aquatic/exotic vegetation in accordance with Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code, and Best Management Practices.

For more information, please call the Public Works Mosquito & Aquatic Weed Control Division at 941.764.4370 mosquito: press 1 aquatics: press 2

Mosquito Control

Charlotte County Mosquito Control strives to control the mosquito populations through an integrated pest management approach consistent with applicable laws and justified by principles of public health, vector control, environmental safety, and fiscal responsibility.

Director's Statement

Aquatic Weed Control

Aquatic weed control strives to keep invasive and noxious weeds from overrunning Florida's native vegetation thereby maintaining water conveyance, improving drainage, and reducing mosquito breeding habitats.

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